My name is Carly Jane Thunell. I am 24 years old. I married Jedediah Thunell on May 20, 2016. We met at a little crepe cafe in Orem, Utah. Jed was about to get up and sing for open mic night and he leaned over and asked me what he should sing. We dated a little over a year and then got married and here we are! 

Jed is a creative filmmaker. We both love creative work and we love working together. I am a lover of, taking pictures, diet coke, plants, music, drives up the canyon, art museums, Netflix, and shopping. We love meeting and getting to work with new people. We have a dog named Posy and she is our pride and joy.

I have been doing wedding photography for about two years now and I absolutely love being able to document people's love. It makes me so happy that I get to meet new people and get to hear their stories! I have always been passionate about photography and I am so lucky that I get to do it as my job.