Before Jed and I got married we decided that we wanted to buy a home once we sealed the deal. As we were searching for the right one nothing was working out. We didn't feel good about anything and the homes we did find always had something wrong with them. Then we decided that we should move to Seattle for the summer with some other friends to work. When we decided that we realized that we were not going to buy a home anymore.

Before we moved to Seattle I really wanted a place in line in Provo that we would move into when we got back for school. I didn't want the stress of finding one last minute. We found an apartment in Provo that we liked and reserved it for when we would move back to Provo. A few weeks before we moved back, Jed got a call from the apartment complex saying that they actually didn't have any openings and that we did not have an apartment reserved for the fall. I immediately felt stressed and did not know what we were going to do. I knew that married housing was limited in Provo and it was going to be hard to find a place in our price range that was still available.

I spent every day and hour on my computer searching for places and calling to find that the places had been filled. I was thinking that our only option would be to move in with my parents and I was not too stoked about that. Then I was on ksl and I pressed refresh and the cutest house came up. I immediately called the landlord and she said that the current tenants had to move out last minute and that it was available! She said she had a lot of people interested. I knew that it would be hard to get because we were currently in Seattle and we couldn't go meet her. I did everything I could to sweet talk her and with Jed and my mom's help she chose us to live there.

The house has been everything we wanted and everything that happened when figuring out where we were going to live was a huge blessing. We are so happy and feel like we want to stay here forever!    

Carly ThunellComment